2016-03-07 15:09:08 by AnDre11

Hey everyone! My name is AnDre11. If you like the music I make and would like to partner with me on a project, please message me some details. I am in desperate need of work.

I have a soundcloud, so if you havent already, go ahead and check it out. I upload more frequently there than newgrounds. https://soundcloud.com/an-dr-as-calvo

If your'e just here visiting to check whether or not I'm a cool dude, rest assured that I am. Last time I checked I am pretty chill. Message me if you think I'm lying.

Cool cool. Adios

Hey everybody!

2014-12-11 20:55:24 by AnDre11

Whats up, guys. I'm new to all of this newgrounds stuff, but I'm super excited to be here. I'm sure we will get together just fine, but first let me tell you all a little bit about myself.

I'm just a regular joe that lives in the U.S. (I know right? Way to be original). I'm a quirky, energetic, music-loving, people-loving, lazer-shooting, hoolah-hooping guy that likes meeting people on the interwebs. If you need that one person who makes you smile, I'll be that pal. I gotchu son! Feel free to send me a friend request so that we can become the best of alies THE WORLD HAS EVER FATHOMED. Oh, I also make music, so if you need a song for any occasion, again, I GOTCHU SON!!! I'll hook you up, yo. Just check out this funky jig that I literally made in 2 hours https://soundcloud.com/an-dr-as-calvo/time-to-shop (hint, it sucks).

So yeah, that's all you need to really know about me on the surface level. If you want, we can talk more and I could tell you the glorious story on why I FUCKING hate eating cake. Ugh... so foamy....

Anyway, peace out homies. :D